Breaking Time & Bad Cycles!

System loves death
They don’t even know it
If you call them out on it they hate you
Persecute you
They love the lies
They love darkness
Movie “dark city” reveals it all
The time loop just reboots everyday
Time is befallen
They can’t break the cycle
Fasting breaks the time loop

They can’t break the cycle at all

Cycle is against flesh creatures

Spirit creatures use the cycle for a harvest and plant seeds in today that appear the next day
Create new patterns in the mind first.

Create new patterns
Earth plane is a copy machine
Earth plane is birthing harvest realm
Mind is spirit
Spirit is the seed
Matter is the copy revealed

Set new patterns in the mind first
Then wait for it to appear.
Repeat the patterns til they become strongholds

brood (v.)

mid-15c., “sit on eggs for the purpose of hatching them,” from brood (n.). The figurative meaning “meditate long and anxiously”

1. If I look in the mirror it reflects back
2. If I hit something sound reflects back
3. If I sow good or bad seed it reflects back
4. To have friends you gotta be friendly
5. If I separate a magnet it pulls back
6. If I throw a boomerang it come back
7. If a farmer plants seed more seed returns in the fruit
8. Man and woman make a copy of themselves aka image
9. Image is imagination == image.nation == image.birthing
So likewise what you think on must reflect back. is to ink it out.
M.edit.ate is edit aka edit it.
Reflecting upon is a reflecting pond.
Ponder is pond ripples.
Brood over is to birth in thoughts.
Contemplate is con.template aka creating a template.
Jesus with.drew himself, so they couldn’t see him.

He drew in the script
Drew == draw

I can paint a person with blue hair and they appear the next day in the story line,, I did it

Long story short…
Your mind is the gold

The Hive wants to hijack your mind and short circuit your abilities.

We are not god’s but just spiritual farmers.

Control your inner man and the outside must follow aka copy that script.

What you Behold aka hold in your mind you hold.
You Hold it in your hand.

The mind is the mine.d
D is the door
Mine for gold in the mind(mine.d)
The mind is the door.

Be ye renewed in the spirit of your mind.

Mind your p’s and q’s
P == seed
Q == harvest aka en queue following after you.

Your script for tomorrow,,,, you write in your mind today,,, because tomorrow is today,, ,,,
because everyday is the same.

Write == w.rit.e
Rit == stained
Stain or dye in the script with your inner man and see it appear the next day.

Your body double (W)will play out what you wrote the next day

The mind is the real you, the clay body is just the actor!
Try the spirits and see if I’m speaking the truth.
Test it!

Cut the noise and chatter off and you win.
The inner man is the real life,, the outside is just a reflection

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