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A)Deepest Mysteries You’ll Ever Hear,
B)Creation Code Revealed,
C)Types, Shadows, Anti-Types Unfolded,
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Solution Was Already There Before The Problem Appeared!

Becoming A Weapon Against Babylon, By Rightly Dividing The Whole Truth:

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1) What is the goal of this site!
It is basically a log of many things, but mainly a site to help keep free speech going online.
They are blocking free speech on every turn!

2) You can register and also become a FREE SPEECH author to this site, just send an email after registering, if you want to be a blooger here.

3) (fyi, i can build you a cloud site similar to this,, just pay for my time!)

4) Escaping a narcissist and the narc system of lies & getting free!
Go back to the first lie you told yourself and re tell yourself the truth to win!
The whole house of cards will fall when you tell yourself the truth!!

The video above actually reveals that time is a repeat, and what you are experiencing on a daily basis is the lies you digested and believed, and so if you go back and destroy all the lies you told yourself, then reality must change around you!


More to come!

Lady In Red Decoded:
Genesis 3 Repeat Everyday!
(eve the flesh side of adam dropped eve.re.one down into the befallen time cycle)
Evening == pm == pms == night
Her desire shall be to rule over Adam
Moon == mense == blood (28 day cycle around the earth)
Adam == Ad.am == toward day
Night chases day, as the flesh mind persecutes the spirit mind.
The cycle repeats to birth you from the flesh mind into the spirit mind.
Til Christ be birthed in you!
What the devil meant for evil, God flipped it and used for good.
The birthing pains have a purpose!

Behold, I Show You A Great Mystery!